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Christina is an amazing web designer/developer with strong technical skills and a keen artistic eye and style. We look forward to her many creative contributions to our body of work. Christina will be reporting to and working with Mark Popkes, Web Department Senior Developer. Mark and Christina both report to Mark Hancock, Creative Director.

Christina is originally from Minnesota and she is enjoying the warm California climate and active lifestyle. Her bio appears on our site under the “About Us’ section, but we’ve included a photo and the bio here as well, for your convenience.

Christina Jensen

 Christina Jensen

Christina Jensen is a web designer and happens to be the newest member of the SDA Creative team. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design and Construction Management with Minors in Art History and Business Law. Shortly after her first graduation Christina found herself looking into classes at the local community college to expand on her design skills. Two short years later, she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design with a Web emphasis. Her expansive knowledge of color, interior design, and art history make her a force to be reckoned with in the web design field. She says, “Designing a web page is like designing a room—a mood needs to be set, proper space and proportions need to be created, while functionality has to always be at the forefront.”

Christina’s past projects have included a worldwide special event website, energy drink product launch microsite, multiple small business websites, numerous web banner ads along with countless email campaigns designed and coded in 11 different languages.

During her last semester at college, her husband took a position with Boston Scientific at their newly acquired division in Southern California. They relocated from Minnesota to California in October 2012, just before the cold and snow set in. Since then, they have been exploring California by way of Jeep off-road runs, mountain-bike trails, and the infamous Pacific Coast Highway.


Please join us as we enthusiastically welcome Christina to our team!

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