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Color specialists tell us that since folks have been inside all year they are drawn to and craving the colors of the great outdoors. Most especially the beautiful greens of the forest and blues of the ocean.  Makes sense, doesn’t it? Knowing the colors your target audience is drawn to is a great starting point for your marketing materials. Whether your branding needs a refresh, replenishing of supplies or a whole new look, these natural colors are the perfect starting point. We’re partial to these colors since we draw inspiration from the Pacific Ocean out our window. 

When we re-designed our logo several years ago, we tapped into these very colors and have never looked back.


If you’re considering a refresh or re-design of your brand, designers say to start with something inspiring that draws you in. As we said, for us it was the ocean colors. Maybe you have a great art piece that the colors speak to you.  How about this sea glass photo?  The colors are a perfect palate of cool, calming outdoor colors.

Natural colors translate well to good business brands and marketing colors. This CBD product is perfectly complemented by these colors.

Yes, we tweak our logo at times and the green is a perfect fit.  Earth Day anyone?

We love how professional,  yet calming these colors are for this professional medical practice.

It’s a “no brainer” for outdoor brands like these.



So how about it? Are you ready to refresh your marketing brand and materials?  Turn some heads and garner your clients attention and dollars by showing them you are engaged in your business and continually improving and moving ahead.  As the country opens up, and tax returns land in bank accounts, there’s alot of business to be had. A fresh look, with appealing, on trend colors is just what you need. Give us a call today, we’re eager and ready to serve you.




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