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 Check out this short reel of recent aerial projects we’ve shot. Now, imagine the possibilities and give us a call.

Aerial Cinematography

Aerial View Fishing Lodge by SDA Creative

Alaska’s Best Fishing Lodge Aerial View

Everyone in branding and marketing knows that video is king right now, and it’s impact is growing everyday. There’s only one thing that’s better than a great video…and that’s a video that incorporates footage shot from above…yes, aerial video footage. In the right hands, and with the right equipment, aerial cinematography adds tremendous production value to any video, and at rates everyone can afford.

Aerial Camera Image, SDA Creative

Aerial Camera and SDA’s Senior Pilot/Cinematographer

SDA Creative has been wielding this creative tool for several years now. We’ve secured the latest technologies and honed our skills, as you’ll see in our new drone reel. SDA combines our experience with the latest in aerial cinematography drones and cameras to take your message to a higher place… a much higher place. Our team of drone pilots can shoot crystal clear 4K imagery (that’s 4X the resolution of HD) at distances of up to a mile away, creating the most unique and incredible shots you’ve ever seen. SDA’s Aerial 4k Gyro Stabilized Cameras in the hands of our cinematographers is a match made in heaven (well, maybe not quite that high, but super close).

Aerial Desert View, Photo by SDA Creative

Aerial Desert View Heading to Mammoth

Being unique and going the extra mile to stand out is the norm for all businesses that are successful. It’s a noisy world out there, let SDA help get your message heard through our design and photography muscle.

Aerial Waterpolo Photo by SDA Creative

Mikasa Waterpolo Film, USA vs Serbia (and we won!)

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