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If you’ve seen our last website you might be wondering, “Why change it, it’s a great looking site.” And you’re right, it was great looking, showed lots of our work, contained our contact information, and was easy to navigate. In short, it was a good website before. Before technology once again rose to a new level, our site was very good. Before the number and amount of devices the average person views daily increased by crazy amounts, it was a very good site. Before design trends and viewers tastes changed, it was a very good site. But that was before. Let’s discuss NOW.

These are the top 3 reasons we NOW have a brand new, freshly redesigned website here at SDA Creative.

Reason #1: WordPress

Designing the website in WordPress provides the ability to update the content easily. So say, we want to change a photo, add in some of our work—it’s easy and doesn’t require a professional designer either. This means that if your website is in WordPress you can add content all on your own.

WordPress makes it possible to add over 1,000 plugins like a shopping cart to extend functionality and user experience. And the bonus is that these plugins can be added later on as needed.

Reason #2: Responsive Functionality

Building our new website to be “responsive” makes  it work seamlessly on multiple devices from desktop to tablets to smart phones. Ever try to open up a web page on your phone with no success? It probably wasn’t designed to be functionally responsive. If you rely on your website as a business tool, it’s imperative to have your site formatted to display appropriately on multiple devices.

Reason #3: Design Trends

Along with the ever-changing style trends like font types and color, a common trend found among websites these days that we wanted to utilize in our new website include (but are not limited to) large full-browser images, more negative space, as well as more content.

These are the top 3 changes we made in our site, but we also added and changed many features and designs throughout the site. We now have a blog, link to our social media sites, and naturally added lots of new examples of our work.

So take a moment and look around. Welcome to our site!


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