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Instagram has been a player in the social media game for a while now. The millennials love it. Facebook is, for many, so yesterday. SDA took a while to jump on the IG bandwagon, and with good reason. But before we share why, let’s take a look at why we’re kinda hooked on Instagram now.

Instagram is visual.

It is all about images. IG was created for mobile use, where the user could take photos on their phones and post them right on Instagram—#brilliant. Pictures of people, products, places, even #popcorn. There’s something very entertaining and relaxing about perusing pictures.

Mikasa Sara Ad 2017

The pictures are the stars.

There’s usually some copy, but you have to scroll to see it, so if you don’t, all you see is pictures. The app includes an easy editing and filtering option too, so in a couple of easy steps you’ll have appealing images to add to your page without leaving your phone.


SDA Instagram Feed

The Hashtags

The hashtag options are cool too. When you are posting an image, type in a #hashtag topic and a drop down menu will appear that shows how many users there are of that hashtag. People can search by topics, location, phrase, etc. For example, here we’re sharing an image of our view here at SDA. So I searched the hashtag #myview.

Search hoshtages on IG

Instagram Hashtags

 Of course, always pick the topic with the most searches or users. In this case, #myview had over 3 million.

Instagram is only on your phone.

So while you’re having your morning coffee, in your favorite chair, with your dogs at your feet (wait, that’s me!) you can scroll through your IG feed and catch up with all your peeps, or your business community, or even…your competitors. There’s a wealth of information to be gleaned from that screen.  B-e-l-i-e-v-e  m-e.

Perfect for Branding

Everyone’s IG account and ALL their posts are there to be viewed any time and all together. Unlike other social platforms that drop your older posts out of view, all one’s posts are there together (#alltogethernow)—just scroll and scroll some more.

Instagram is a “Well Rounded” Social Platform

Content varies. A business can share their products, pictures of their staff and office, places they’re going, projects their proud of. It’s sort of a “keep acquainted” place.

So Let’s Get Started

Finally, if you’re thinking that you just don’t want another social media commitment or you don’t have time, SDA Creative can totally relate. That is how we felt. As we mentioned at the top of this blog, we took a while to meander over to IG. We have our blog and our FB and Twitter and we felt that consumed enough of our work hours. But like I said, the millennials enjoy IG (#wecanseewhy) and it certainly has become a business and marketing influencer. Plus, it’s an improved venue for connecting with the client and sharing your company’s products and culture. It’s easy to get going. We think you’ll like it.

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