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Summer in the “real world” isn’t always a day at the beach. Maybe you work in a concrete jungle or an office without a window. Take a look at some summer fun conjured up by our clients and their products and services. It might not be your day job, but how about your weekend fun?

At SDA Creative, Inc. we’re luckier than most. Our offices here on Pacific Coast Hwy. offer us amazing views of the beach, and a sense of belonging to the fun summer world on the sand across the street. We always know when it’s summer because we smell the fire pits on the beach burning wood in the early evening when we leave the office.

Our clients seem to like it here too, sometimes arriving for a meeting barefoot with a dog in tow. We don’t mind, the summer vibe just seems to play into our creative juices. It’s been said that the salt water air that wafts through our door actually improves our designs, a business kind of aroma therapy. It’s probably true.

In our 23 years in business at this location, we’ve worked on some fun summer projects from Huntington Beach, CA to Ketchikan, AK and a lot of other places too!


This Alaskan sunset on a lovely July evening captures the remarkable beauty of State 49. We shot and produced this promo film.  Check it out, we think you’ll want to go there too.

Right in the SDA backyard, Newport Beach, CA was the perfect backdrop for a kayaking photo shoot. “Working” on the Newport Beach coastline with a yacht as our our home base was cool (in more ways than one). Here’s a link to the Hobie Brochure from this shoot in Newport Beach, CA.

Volleyball tournament in Surf City, USA? How about Hermosa Beach’s 2018 Beach Volleyball Open?

It’s athletes and tournaments like these that inspired these magazine ads:

Summer is a great time to explore the playground in the sky. Check out this awesome film we produced for the aspiring “pilots” out there. And yes, SDA Prez., Mark Samuels, got to fly that day!

At this point you might be thinking that we’re all play and no work. Not true. We clocked #alot of hours in designing and producing this beautiful book, chock full of great places we hope to “work” at some day.

Let us help you bring some weekend fun to your weekday job. Good marketing infuses professionalism, information, and even fun into your company.  This is what we do everyday; we’d love the chance to work with you. Give us a call and join us in our offices on the beach.


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