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Number One

Bridge the goals and motivations of your brand with the lifestyle and ethos present in your workplace.

Your employees are the foundation of your company. When possible, it’s important to highlight their unique insights, not only to discuss specific aspects of your brand, from marketing approach to customer service, but to put a face on the brand and allow people to connect with your company on a new level.

Interviews are not always easy, next time try this:

Instead of sitting your subjects down in front of a black background and asking them questions, take your interview outside and capture them doing something they love. Incorporate their passion for running, surfing, or being with their family into questions that tie lifestyle into work. You’ll find that the interview is more relaxed, engaging, and delivered with more energy.  The B-Roll you capture will bring the video to life and will help connect your viewer with the real people that drive your company.


Number Two

Use thought leadership (a person or firm that is not only recognized but also who profits from the recognition of authority) to separate yourself from the crowd.

Becoming an expert is not an easy thing to do but through consistent and poignant creation of marketing content, consumers and clients alike will ultimately go to you for information when they need it the most. Use your team’s knowledge of the market to provide unique insights into popular topics. Then highlight them through branded content that you push through videos, email blasts, and social channels on a monthly basis.

In other words, use your film and marketing materials to position yourself as the authority on your product or service.

Number Three

Music is Key.

Often times agencies and brands focus so heavily on what’s being said and shot, they forget one of the most crucial elements of an engaging content piece: music. Music creates the vibe and leaves your viewers feeling a certain way, make sure that feeling matches the emotions you’re trying to portray.  If you’re looking for something uplifting, an epic rock ballad might fit.  Where as something dramatic might go better with an intense orchestral piece—you get the idea. Check out this piece we created for Launch featuring a custom score by Sam Oshin. The music drives the narrative and provides an engaging look into launching a brand.

Michael Tomson

Michael Tomson

Number Four

Always be looking to the future.

Let’s face it, the future is rad and it’s closer than you think. Consumers are curious and excited for what’s to come and want to know that your team has a solid grasp on the bleeding edge of technology, culture, and content. Always make sure to provide insight into what you see coming down the pipeline and how you’re taking advantage of what’s available to stay ahead of trend. And stay positive—a hopeful outlook translates into a successful future for all. A great example of this is James Litho, a modern printing company with an eye on the future, check them out.

James Litho Pinter

Number Five

Let us help you.

If you’re looking to tell engaging stories about your brand and any one of its components, look no further. SDA Creative consistently delivers quality content that drives social media campaigns, website launches, and event activations. Give our film and video department a look and let us know if we can help.

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