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February puts us solidly in Q1 and smart business folks are peddling fast, branding their products and services through marketing tools like their websites and print pieces. Here’s where guacamole comes in, stay with us. According to the Huffington Post* “Americans are expected to consume 79 million pounds of avocados around the championship game. For those keeping score, that’s roughly 158 million avocados.” Holy guacamole.

Let us introduce you to our newest client Stonehill Produce. Stonehill Produce is one of the nation’s leading premier importers of avocados. Smartly, back in Q4 of 2015, Stonehill teamed up with SDA Creative to strengthen their branding message. They’ve been in business for almost 20 years and have grown and evolved. While avocados comprise 90 percent of their business, they also sell other premiere produce. Along with top quality products, they offer their customers excellent service, quality control, and current market information. Stonehill needed their website and collateral materials to reflect this.

THE LOGO: Stonehill already had a great logo, SDA just needed to polish it up a bit and create an electronic version they could use for virtually every branding tool imaginable.


Stonehill Produce logo

THE WEBSITE: Stonehill also had a website. But like many businesses the design had become dated and it didn’t have the functionality needed for websites these days, like being mobile-friendly. Plus, it needed to represent this growing business’s strengths, successes, and offerings. The SDA Web Team designed a brand new responsive website which answered all the needs of this awesome growing company.


Stonehill Produce website

VIDEO: While a logo and website are a must for your business branding, a video tells the story of your business like nothing else. Stonehill knew the value of video and tapped SDA’s film crew to create their company’s promotional video. Have a look and you’ll see why video is changing the way we market our businesses.

Stonehill Produce brand video

We LOVE how these three marketing components are branded uniformly and relay a rich, honest, compelling message describing this professional, successful company. We know you can LOVE your marketing materials too. SDA would SDA Creative - Heart Icon to partner with your business to develop your message. We are ready to start with just one project or a comprehensive strategy like we did for Stonehill Produce. Give us a call today and get started!

*J. M. HIRSCH, Avocado Consumption During Super Bowl Has Grown Significantly In Past Decade. The Huffington Post.

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