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We’re proud of our film work, and capped off 2016 by winning the Orange County AIGA award for best film for a project we produced for the El Niguel Golf Club (see it here). Using film gives potential members a chance to see El Niguel Golf Club without leaving their home or office. What a bonus, and it’s a beautiful club, so a win-win.

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We’ve shared our films on social media and our blog and many of our films are available to view on our website. But we wanted to make it even easier for you to take a look. So this year we’ve added our own YouTube Channel to the mix. YouTube is truly an impressive Internet juggernaut. It generates the second highest Internet traffic globally, and with just over 1 billion unique users, YouTube is able to reach almost one third of all Internet users. The website has become so popular that it is able to reach more 18-49 year olds than cable, and that age demographic continues to grow. With cable subscriptions on the decline, having a YouTube channel is a real opportunity to reach an entirely new audience whose sole source of entertainment stems from the computer.


Any company trying to reach a wide audience should be utilizing this tool. In today’s world, technology is king, and those that utilize it best will get the best results. No longer do companies have to pay thousands of dollars to run a 30 second advertisement on TV, all you have to do is upload your film to YouTube for free.  Here’s where SDA Creative can help. Our award winning film department can produce your company’s film from inception to completion.


The majority of YouTube’s traffic comes from people who are browsing at work. This gives companies an opportunity to reach out to potential clients or customers who are using YouTube as a part of their job. Additionally, if your videos get enough views, you can get paid by YouTube! The general rule of thumb is that for every one million views, YouTube will pay you $1,000, and that increases the more popular your videos get. For instance, the most popular YouTube channel, Pewdiepie, made an estimated $18 million from YouTube alone in 2016.


Are you interested in starting a company YouTube channel, but don’t have any videos to upload to it? We’re here to help. SDA has an impressive library of videos that we’ve written,  filmed, edited, and produced for a wide variety of companies. We’ve created videos for athletes, executive protection firms,  and athletic clubs just to name a few. We welcome the opportunity to put your company’s vision in video as well. Don’t want a video done, but are having trouble starting a YouTube Channel? Give us a call; we’ll handle that for you as well.


If you are interested in checking out SDA’s channel, you can find it here. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to view all of our awesome content coming out in the future.





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