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MacGillivary Freeman Films

American film studio based in Laguna Beach. Most well known for its IMAX films.

MacGillivary Freeman Films

MacGillivray has produced and directed more than 50 films, over 35 of which are IMAX, and has developed three IMAX cameras. The creative and inspiring work they create is right up our alley. We knew the moment they called us, that we wanted to work with them. The results speak for themself. We get to be involved with true artists of the film industry.

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We're not just good at one thing, we're amazing at quite a few. From graphic and print design to web design and social media, the buck doesn't stop there. We also get it done with video production and photography. If you're looking for a one-stop shop agency that puts out great work, look no further. SDA Creative is the agency for you.

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