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Social media. You know your company needs it, but perhaps you struggle with how to implement it. After all, just running your business takes all your time (and then some!), so things that aren’t fundamental to your day-to-day operations sometimes fall by the wayside. But don’t let social media slip through the cracks. There is no better or quicker way to engage with your customers or potential customers in real time.

One of the best ways to leverage of all the marketing benefits of a social media presence is to hire a professional to do it for you. Here at SDA, we manage the social media accounts of a number of businesses, and we can help you too. Let us put our knowledge to use for your company. The advantages are numerous, including saving you a lot of time and energy, giving your social media a professional look and feel, and tapping into our expertise in this field.

Speaking of expertise, ours has only grown lately! SDA’s social media manager has achieved Hootsuite’s certification in social marketing. Hootsuite is an industry leader in the social media space, and provides advanced training and education in many areas. Their certification program details how to optimize your profiles on various platforms, best practices for content and strategy, how to build community and engagement, and advertising options for various social media channels. Being Hootsuite certified requires an extensive understanding of these and many other items related to social media management. While we already had a lot of experience under our belt, taking this extra step to be certified allow our clients to understand just how seriously we take social media and how much we are prepared to do on their behalf.

At SDA we pride ourselves on personal service. Our agile size means that we can give your company the attention it deserves. We’ll spend time getting to know you and understanding your business in a way that allows us to be your voice on social media. Our current clients have businesses that range from athletic equipment to CBD to commercial painting, and we are able to speak for them online in ways that are distinct, clear, and professional. Get in touch with us today and see how SDA can help your business connect with clients, potential customers, and your community.

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