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  1. Business Cards are small and mighty. They pack a lot of information for the punch too.  A good designer will brand that card to showcase your company. So when you give out your card the recipient will have access to all the pertinent information: The name of the company, your logo, where you’re located, the website address and more.  An even greater bonus? Business cards tuck into a purse or wallet for safe keeping and will be there when your customer needs it. No logging on necessary. The business card is an efficient partner. SDA Creative’s designers can execute or help you find your vision for your card. Have the card printed on some beautiful paper stock and you have a nice little piece of artwork to share with potential clients.
  2. Brochures!  We are big fans of printed brochures. Here’s a few reasons why:  1.) They are cost effective.  2.)Brochures pack a lot of information into a convenient marketing piece.  3.)Brochures are a great “leave behind” for a business meeting, trade show, presentation. or insert into a package.   Brochures confirm that you are a professional business, serious about your product or service. People want to work with reputable, reliable companies.  We know there’s a lot of digital influence out there. You might be thinking that printed marketing materials are no longer necessary. But a permanent printed paper stays around for that moment when your client wants to know more about you and contact you.  We like to call brochures “silent salesmen” because they do a lot of selling on your behalf.  These are not a big ticket item in your budget either.  Brochures are relatively economical to have designed and printed.
  3. Trade Show Banners: Signage heralds attention to your store front, trade show booth, event etc.  Sometimes you just need to get peoples attention in a professional manner. A well designed sign or banner will do just that.  Just as you want your office to look nice for a meeting, or even your home present well for company so should your trade show booth be ready to welcome your clients. The great thing about a nice Trade Show Banner is that they are re-usable.  Design and print once and reuse over and over.  That’s nice.

So how do you get started? Meet with a talented designer (we have several) and share your ideas about the look and impact you are going for and let them create the magic for you. A professional design the first time means you can enjoy it longer.

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