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Thanks to the explosion of visual images across numerous platforms the “average Joe” expects information to be eye-catching and impactful.

How do your marketing materials measure up?

  • You might have heard that print isn’t relevant.
  • You might have heard digital is all that matters.
  • You might be passing on good printed collateral materials just because you heard this!

SDA Creative has been in the design and print business since before the internet took hold. We know the value of print.

Brochure Design by SDA Creative

We love digital media too. We have a department dedicated to website development and digital marketing, social media and email business promotion. We would certainly encourage you to have a good, strong website, and social media presence. Here’s the rub: a healthy, professional business needs both a digital and a print presence.

Print is Memorable

If you give me your business card, I can refer to it to contact you over and over. If I look you up on my phone, and forget your name or the name of your business you could be lost to me forever. The same with advertising. I might see your product ad come through my Facebook feed. When I go back later, it’s gone and so is my memory of who you are. But the ad you place in a magazine, or the brochure you give me, I’ll go back and find it and use it.

Hobie Brochure


Print is Permanent

Plus, printed materials show commitment to the longevity of your business and clients. A digital company with only digital presence can seem to “poof” disappear. Whereas a company’s brochures, catalogs, and even business cards add substance and confidence for the client.

Print Design by SDA Creative

Print Exhibits Success

Here’s where the team at SDA Creative can come along and assist you. We’ve been designing and producing print materials—from logos and business cards to product catalogs and trade show exhibits—for 22 years. At SDA, you work with a professional designer in a creative, accessible environment. We’ll quote you for our work up front and stay with the job through completion. You’ll have professional materials your clients won’t forget.

Book Design by SDA Creative

Convinced? Ready to get started? Leave us a comment in the space below and we’ll get back to you. Or give us a call in the office today. A friendly, professional designer will be happy to assist you. SDA Creative, Inc. (949) 493-5182

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