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Businesses have definitely “found” Zoom meetings.  On any given day you might find several of us here at SDA on Zoom calls with different clients.  Dogs barking and babies crying on phone calls? No problem. We’ve heard roosters crowing too:) That method of communicating is likely to endure beyond opening back up – it’s been so useful.

How about the virtual trade show? If your business relies on the trade show format to engage with new and current clients to procure new business, having the trade show switch off is especially difficult. How can you sell your product, meet with clients and initiate new relationships with potential customers?

Technology to the rescue.

You now have the option of attending and exhibiting at a VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW. Would you have ever thought? It makes sense and with the business community on board with the virtual meeting platform, Zoom etc. this is a very natural next step. And just like the physical Trade Show booth you’re going to want your booth to look it’s best.

Just like with designing your in-person trade show booth, SDA’s professional team can design a beautiful, eye catching, client-impressing booth to share your message to the business world. There’s no printing involved, since this is virtual so you’ll save money there too.  And, since even in a very open economy not everyone can attend a destination trade show, this might be your chance to interact with clients like never before.

Once you have your virtual booth ready what else needs to be done?

You’ll want your sales pitch to be solid and engaging. Because this format allows you to interact with interested customers. You can establish yourself, your business as an expert by carefully delivering a compelling message about what you sell.

You can introduce your team to the whole community! And as we mentioned above this can now include people from all over the world, not just customers attending a show at a physical location.

Attendees can peruse materials at your booth, watch a video about your company and even chat with your team.

After the event, most virtual trade shows make it possible for you to receive a list of everyone who visited your booth, and then contact information so you can follow up.

We know the in person experience, where you can get acquainted, share some small talk and shake hands is optimum. But isn’t it nice that you have this option? Preparing your booth to be memorable is key here. SDA can take your ideas to the next level with professional, creative, targeted trade show materials.


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