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If you have been dreaming of starting your own business, or are in the middle of doing so, we understand there are so many things on your to-do list to get up and going. We thought it would be fun to bring you along on the logo design process with a fellow entrepreneur like yourself.

SDA was recently tapped by Sean at TUFCO, (Tails Up Fishing Company), on the design of his first company logo. Sean had a logo in mind for Tufco, he even sketched it out on a yellow lined pad of paper. That paper was the beginning of his marketing brand. They say many million dollar companies started with a sketch on a napkin.

Tufco original logos

TUFCO Logo Sketch

Sean’s sketch is pure gold for the designer, as it provides a starting point and a feel for the client’s taste.  We can’t read minds, but we can take your rough notes and inject our years of professional design and marketing know-how into your vision. It’s your company, you decide… we’ll help get you there.

You can see from Sean’s supplied sketch, SDA’s designers also suggested a few rough ideas as a starting point. Then after some discussion with Sean about what he liked and didn’t like, along with the overall feel he wanted to convey, it was on to the drawing board, AKA “The Mac.”

Here’s round 1 of logos we created for the client to review.

Tufco Round one Logos

Round One Logos

The image above represents ten initial logo comps. Ten! Imagine it’s your company and you are trying to pick one final logo to be your company brand message. All of them have potential, how do you decide?

Note that some versions are pretty close to the original drawing by the client. SDA will always suggest a few good ideas and versions for comparison and variety. After our client considered the logos over a weekend, he was pretty excited and had some suggestions and favorites.

And here’s round 2…

TUFCO_Round 2 logos

Round Two Logos

The client’s response? He liked more than one, so how to decide? How about you, which one do you like? If this was your company, which one would you go with?

Logos are typically the hardest thing to decide on. The key is to design the last logo you’ll ever need, and partner up with designers who care about your success, like SDA Creative. Now, Sean’s final decision:






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