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It’s a new day in the business world. Along with having great products, excellent service, and a professional team, successful businesses also need to have great branding in both print and web. Getting potential customers’ attention with a unique spin is important. Our friends at R & J Machine Shop could check all the boxes: excellent products, the best service, a professional, knowledgable team and more. But they didn’t have a website or marketing materials to tell their story.  They realized they needed a good website, and even had several potential clients request their website address. #yikes!

Running your business and doing all the things it requires takes time. We understand that at SDA Creative, that’s why our web developers and designers are prepared to take the stress out of creating your print and online presence for you.

After meeting with the folks at R & J Manufacturing and developing their website wish list, we set up a photoshoot and drafted out a website design to get their message out to the masses on a brand new, scalable website.


The site looks great, and prospective clients can now learn about them 24/7.  Once the online branding was accomplished and the site complete, R & J Manufacturing was ready to develop a long-planned brochure to pass on to clients and future customers that explained their unique business. Don’t underestimate the value of a nice leave-behind print piece: a clean brochure can get and keep customer attention.


What a great step ahead this website and brochure is for their small company. We’re always excited to see our clients make these strides for their businesses. It was even more personal with R & J Manufacturing —they have been friends of ours long before we even started this business 22 years ago. So way-to-go R & J Manufacturing! Your site is awesome, love the brochure. Your business rocks!

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