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SDA Creative has helped countless startup companies with all the creative branding they need to succeed. And of course, it all starts with a sharp logo design, like this one we recently completed for the Autism Fragile X Foundation.
The key is to design the last logo you’ll ever need. Thinking you’ll just use the logo your friend’s sister designed “for now” really is not a good idea. If it’s just a budget thing, cut a few corners somewhere else, but not on your logo.
Partner up with designers who care about your success and are also well aware of what your customer base looks like. Then… ask to see a sample of other logos they have designed. If they can’t show you at least 30, run for the hills. SDA Creative would have a hard time deciding on  “30 favorites” we have designed.  We love this logo we recently designed for Sun Valley Farms, a new CBD start up.
A cost effective approach to logo design is to show your designer a few logos you really like. This will point the design in the right direction and save a lot of design time and therefore money! Even just a sketch is pure gold for the designer.  It provides a starting point and a feel for the client’s taste.  We can’t read minds, but we can take your rough notes and inject our years of professional design and marketing know-how into your vision. It’s your company, you decide… we’ll help get you there. 
In the last 25 years, SDA Creative has designed hundreds of logos for every type of company and industry. It really does start with a professional logo design regardless of the industry. From non-profits, to action sports, to the newest product hitting the market, logos are front and center. Logos impact  your customers first impressions of your business too, like this logo we designed for a new program at Printronix, a producer of the latest-in-technology industrial printers:
Give us a quick call or send us your thoughts on what type of logo you’d like to represent your company. 2020 is right around the corner, lets go!
Time to #getafterit.
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