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There’s no substitute for a great first impression, and packaging is sometimes the first (and maybe the only) impression your product makes on a potential customer. Before they see or try a product itself, the packaging speaks volumes about what might be inside. Whether it’s a merchandise box, label, bag, or shipping box, your packaging needs to be informative, professional, and on-brand.

High-quality packaging increases your company’s visibility, builds trust in a product, and helps validate its price point. Your sales depend on successful presentation, and packaging is a large part of that. It’s not always the customer’s specific need, or even the product itself that ultimately influences the purchase; how the product is presented plays a large role. Many purchases are not based purely on logical decisions—emotions play a big part, and packaging design choices can evoke emotional responses in potential customers. When packaging evokes a positive emotional response, customers are much more likely to buy.

People have more choices today than ever when it comes to shopping, so don’t underestimate the impact that a product box or label can make on the shelf at a store or on a website. Customers in a store or online shop are likely looking for a specific type of product. How does your packaging look compared to the competition? When potential customers are looking at similar product offerings from a range of companies, yours needs to stand above the rest. Do your brand’s colors stand out and create positive associations? Does it look high quality? Does the label or box make people want to know more about it?

It’s a noisy world out there, your packaging not only needs to look great, but also look better than the competition. Standing out in a crowded field is the key, and once you have that attention, chances of a sale is dramatically improved.

Whether you run a local store, a small online business, or a large corporation, custom packaging will make your brand rise above the rest. Packaging with eye-catching graphics and colors is very likely to persuade potential customers to buy your products. Put SDA’s extensive design experience to work for you and give your products the packaging they deserve. Contact us today and let’s get started.

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