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Early in 2020, we all stood on the hopeful threshold of a brand new decade. We shared our research on marketing trends for a new decade as we anticipated the new year ahead. As always, our team wanted to be prepared for the primary driving forces that would fuel our marketing efforts in 2020. News flash: you can’t always prepare, can you? As we look ahead to 2021, what trends should wise business leaders consider as we all move ahead with optimism?

1. Elevated use of home delivery. Yes, we said elevated. It seems hard to believe that people would be ordering even more goods than last year but that’s what predictors are saying. This is good news for you if you have a product to sell online. It’s also a promising direction to take your company and products to grab some of that business.

2. More products and services will continue to be available online. If your product isn’t available online, now is a good time to think about this opportunity or improve your current offerings.

3. Social media will increasingly be a source of information and communication for the consumer. If you’re still thinking that social media is an ineffective marketing and sales tool, think again. You can share information, sell your products, and market your business right there on the world’s phones. Today’s consumer checks out your social media pages before they go to your website. Be ready for that visit. Not sure where to start, how to brand your page, or how to keep it current? We have an amazing team to do that for you for less than you would think.

4. Ghost Kitchens for pick up and delivery only will be popping up. Many smart restauranteurs will add no-dining options for faster service and to manage overhead costs. This could be an excellent way to grow your current business as well as a more cost-efficient approach to opening an eatery. Start small and grow from there.

5. Brand loyalty will be influenced by brand availability. Consumers will switch brands if your products aren’t available. One solution to this is to stay in touch with your customers on your social media pages or by adding a banner to your website. Let them know you are running low and now is a great time to stock up! This creates an amazing opportunity for competitive products to grab other retailers’ business too.

6. Strengthen the human side of your brand. Images of people sell on social media, even though a lot of activity revolves around the digital platform. Humans like humans. Focus on the human factor of your company: things like why you exist, what is your company’s culture, WHO are you? Be vulnerable, even flawed. Real people, more than ever, want to engage and support real people.

7. Social consciousness will dictate work environments, products people buy, and much more. As we mentioned last year, marketing success is now being influenced by Gen Alpha, Gen Z, and Millennial populations. Each of these groups brings their values and expectations to their buying habits and influences their families’ spending budgets. We talked about this in the above mentioned blog—check it out here. In 2021, we’ll share some additional research on these important social subgroups.

8. The work force is at home. Maybe that includes you. If it doesn’t, chances are your neighbors, your family, or your friends now work exclusively from home. The tumbledown effect of this habitat shift has only just begun.

Pat yourself on the back if you managed to keep your business alive during this monumental pandemic. We’ve all had to tighten our business belts and rethink our business models. You know that, so do it! Now start looking ahead to growing your business and succeeding in 2021. Make sure you have an outstanding website. Check out this link with lots of good website advice for you: Website Creation and Maintenance

SDA Creative recently completed a beautiful menu and coordinating website for  The Toss, San Carlos, a neighborhood café where you can design your own tossed-to-order salad. You can order a fully customized salad complete with extra avocado or cheese, dressing on the side, and more. You can schedule delivery or pick-up and order an amazing dessert to serve at your holiday dinner—all right there online. This could be your business!

And while you’re trying to capture some of that burgeoning online business, take a close look at your packaging. When your customer opens that wonderful delivery from you, wouldn’t it be cool to have a “wow” moment when they see your packaging?

Need to strengthen your brand, update your look, improve your collateral materials? Now is a great time. And you can do this without breaking the bank. Start small and build as your business improves.

Thank you for engaging with us today. We wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous 2021!





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