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We don’t usually put labels on people…but when Jay, a SoCal entrepreneur, hit us up to design a logo and labels for a new skincare product, we made an exception. It’s great working with Jay; he provides enough guidance to point us in the right design direction, but he also gives us creative license to reach the branding goals he plans to meet.
First up was the product logo. It had to be clean, but not clinical, easy to read and adaptable for many uses. We designed the logo using 5 circles with varying shades from dark to light to signify clearing skin. The best logos tell a story without words, and this design was the clear winner, no pun intended.
Acne Pro logo

Acne Pro logo

Additionally, the logo is the starting point for all of your marketing efforts. Your logo will represent your business on everything, from your business card to your social media page. Your logo is an important place to invest marketing dollars. Hiring a professional for this is a must. The key is to design the last logo you’ll ever need, so go with a pro.

Jay’s skincare product is a 3-step answer for clearer skin. The product labels had to work as a family, each one with a different color scheme. You might say it was as easy as 1-2-3!
 Acne Pro Labels
SDA Creative would be happy to talk with you about your branding wish list. Whether it’s a new logo, an ad campaign or website. Maybe we could clear some things up…haha, sorry, couldn’t resist.
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