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According to a study published by “Statistic Brain Research Institute,”  50{a74273ad0e75f200b46466b1415e6accc2aa46c9e4b9f352692bfad7dc0506c2} of start-up businesses fail in the first four years. For a variety of reasons, the odds of staying in business for 20 years are not good. The fact that we have survived and flourished through so many economic challenges does not escape us, and thankful doesn’t even begin to describe our thoughts at this time.

If this was a college course, this is where we might delve into some of the mechanics of running and managing a business for all these years. But today we’d like to focus just on SDA and the fundamental pillar of our success: our clients. Specifically clients who have been with us for many years.


Richard McCoy, Misty May, Mark Samuels

Mikasa Sports: Our President, Mark Samuels, met Richard McCoy, then President of Mikasa Sports and long time industry leader about 25 years ago. Their friendship was immediate and Richard proved to be a valuable mentor to Mark for many years until his passing in 2010. Over the years they designed and executed a number of great campaigns, built websites, designed balls, ventured into social media—you name it.

We are passionate about Mikasa and continue to work hard keeping their look relevant and fresh today. “Family” is not overstating our relationship.

Misty Guitar Ad

HOBIE: The current marketing credo “You Belong on a Hobie” was born at an SDA-HOBIE creative session.


We consider ourselves so fortunate to have such a fun, high quality line of products to promote within the Hobie brand. The Hobie team and SDA have been “creating” together for over 15 successful years now. Their brand keeps growing and we continue to grow along with them. The guys at Hobie are the real deal, and their authenticity has given SDA the ammo to tell it like it is.

mangus and mark2

Dan Mangus (Hobie Marketing Director) and Mark Samuels

Bertolini: Church and conference room chairs don’t usually remind us of a day on a lake, but how great it is to sit down at a conference on a well made, comfortable chair? This family-owned company has been making people comfortable for more than 50 years, partnering with us since our inception and the bet is good that we’ll be partners far into the future.



The SDA and Bertolini boys sail away.


How are your marketing materials, website, print campaigns, and online products working for your business? Do you have design experts that care about your success? Are you hoping your business lasts 20+ years? We’ve been doing this for 2 decades and we can help you. Our team has talent and experience, and we’d love to lend you a hand. Take a look around our site and check some of the work we‘ve done. If you like what you see, give us a call or email us. The chances are very good we’ll work together for many, many years.

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