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We’re in week seven, or is it eight, of the pandemic lockdown? It’s really anyone’s guess what is actually going to play out in the coming weeks. Optimistic projections have us opening up quickly, minimal transmission of disease and minimal negative outcomes. Others are guessing a new wave of infections will come through. Wherever you fall in this spectrum of predictions, there is a decision as a business owner, or employee, that you need to make.

  1. Are you going to prepare for the worst case scenario?
  2. Are you going to prepare for the best case scenario?

The worst case scenario would have you keeping your business locked down with no plans until the facts are all in. At that point you slowly attempt to resurrect what’s left of your business or your job, kind of like starting from the back of the pack.

The best case scenario would have you planning for a brisk re-opening and being well prepared. No doubt, on the front lines will be businesses all set with their teams fully ready to charge, their websites running smoothly, fresh product packaging, printed and ready to go. Make no mistake, your strongest competitors are planning how to come back quick and come back strong. And maybe even how to steal some of your customers with new marketing materials.

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This week our local paper noted two businesses that opened up near us – one a restaurant, the other a barber shop. The restaurant owner reported that every tortilla, glass of tequila and t-shirt was purchased the first open weekend. Talk about enthusiasm!

The barber shop owner began taking appointments and had 40 appointments for one day.

I’m guessing these smart business owners took an optimistic approach and made sure to #beready. We want to be like them. How about you?

Lockdown doesn’t have to mean locked up, especially where your business is concerned. If the competition has slowed, that’s an opportunity. Fresh creative has never been more essential.

There’s lots of information online about navigating the lockdown from a business standpoint. We cherry picked a few to share with you. Like us, you probably have a little more time for reading these business blogs. Hope this helps!

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