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After a long holiday season, the business world often kicks off the new year slowly. Which means your clients might not be moving forward on purchases and commitments, your checking account might be getting a little slim, and you just might be feeling a little nervous.

Turns out, this is a really good time to sharpen your marketing materials. Good design is inspiring to your clients and to you! How’s your business card looking? Is the design compelling and the information current? A new business card is a pretty simple project, cost effective and maybe even a confidence builder when you hand it out at your next business meeting or trade show. A small investment of time and money will reward you throughout the year.

At SDA, we redesigned our cards this year and actually printed a color on the cards edges and used a thicker stock. We love them!

SDA Creative - Business Cards

SDA Creative – Business Cards

How about your Facebook page, does it need a facelift? A new cover photo? This is a very cool one we designed:

SFTPW _ FB pg.



We’re big fans of new logos and tweaking current logos. We’re not alone either. In the first half of January, we were hired to design six logos in one day! Your logo represents you and your business, and goes on everything from business cards to websites to packages and much more. Having a little time to ponder the design will net a great new logo. Here’s a couple we’ve designed. Click here to see many more.

Hobie Mirage Drive Logo by SDA Creative

Dana Point Jet Ski Logo by SDA Creative


We’ll sign off with a short list of some of the other marketing projects you might want to consider in 2016:

  • Website
  • Social Media Management
  • Email Blasts
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Banners
  • Trade Show Graphics

One thing at a time, starting right now, and your marketing materials will be shining a light on your business all year. SDA is waiting for your call and ready to get busy building your amazing 2016 marketing program. Our design + your ideas equals success in 2016!

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