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Today we’re highlighting Orangutans in Indonesia. These adorable creatures aren’t here to sell a product, highlight social media, or promote a service. The Orangutans are the subject of the following film, produced by SDA Creative’s Director of Film and Video. This film: “The Last Orangutans” won the Miami Film Festival 2012 award for “Best Environmental Short.”

Miami Short Award

Our award-winning film team understands the nuts and bolts of story telling via film. Different than print, more entertaining and visually compelling, video has joined the proverbial marketing feast and is often seated at the head of the table. For today’s consumer who seeks information quickly, video can occupy your most successful content marketing messages. Creating informative, insightful films that tell a story is the muscular foundation of respectable advertising. Once the story is outlined a good filmmaker can bring it, or your product, to life for the viewers. And even better, video educates and entertains (edutain). What’s not to like? Perusing product options, getting solid information and being entertained all at once. Today’s multi-tasking, social media inhabitants couldn’t be happier. Consumers today, exposed to such a broad variety of options, expect to get all the facts before investing in products or services. Good story telling does just that.

A day in the rain forest

It’s important to care about your businesses’ clients. Knowing your target client’s needs matters to you and to them. Getting their attention takes effort. A good video can go on your website, your social media pages, and in email blasts. The marketing applications are broad and fruitful.

Indonesian Orangutan

Indonesian Orangutan

It’s important to care about the earth and it’s inhabitants. Orangutans deserve our attention. So take a few minutes and learn about our world’s diminishing Orangutan population in Indonesia and see how effective edutain can be. Then give us a call and we’ll get you started on  your very own business marketing video. Want to see an SDA marketing film? Check out this video or this one. Thanks for dropping by.

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