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WordPress is no longer just a blogging platform.

Not too long ago, blogs were popping up left and right via Blogspot or Moveable Type. Then WordPress came along and slowly started to become the go-to platform for creating a blog.

But WordPress is not just for blogging anymore. It has grown into a comprehensive content management system (CMS) used to power all types of sites, such as businesses, agencies, magazines, job boards, membership sites and more.

It hasn’t outgrown blogging though. In fact, it’s still known as a great blogging platform, and SEO experts highly recommend blogging as part of your online marketing strategy. So, if you think blogging is reserved for the everyday hobbyist, you’re mistaken.

And here’s why:

Search engines love new content and blogs serve up that new content really well because each blog post published is a new page for Google and Bing to index! It shows your site is active and thriving!

WordPress is an open source, dynamic platform

Open source simply means the code that powers the platform is open to the public. This opens the door for anyone to learn the code and contribute to the code. Having a large community of developers with direct access to WordPress means:

  • The WordPress platform will continue to be updated
  • Bugs will be squashed
  • Security will continue to improve
  • WordPress will continue expanding via third party themes and plugins

Lot's of WordPress themes available

It’s easy to use

The WordPress Dashboard was specifically designed to be user-friendly, making it super easy and intuitive to edit blog posts, create pages, add images and embed videos. Want to change how your site looks? No problem! There’s thousands upon thousands of WordPress themes that you can upload with the touch of a button.

“… everyone we spoke to said that WordPress was the better choice for ease of use, intuitiveness, & simpler workflow.”


Because of its ease-of-use, we are seeing lots of businesses (big and small) moving to WordPress from other CMS solutions.


You can get up and running within minutes

So many hosting providers offer what’s called “1-click WordPress installs” so you could be up and running with a WordPress powered website within minutes. How’s that for an incentive!?

WordPress integrates and plays well with others

Through the use of third party plugins, your website can easily interact with a number APIs, SaaS products, and more:

  • Email marketing services
  • E-Commerce solutions
  • CRM systems
  • Analytic software and services
  • Social media integration and syncing
  • Membership capabilities

Multi-user capabilities

WordPress offers multi-user capabilities, meaning companies both large and small can offer editing power exclusivity or even read-only mode to others. WordPress shops can have store managers and customers. Magazine sites can have Editors, Writers, Contributors and Subscribers. There are even plugins that will let you define your own Roles and Capabilities.

Final thoughts…

WordPress provides a growing, flexible, and scalable platform that can cater to just about any business. If your website is not on WordPress, it’s time to make the switch, and the best way to experience WordPress is to give it a try. If you’re ready, we can help! We specialize in helping businesses both large and small with their websites and WordPress is our go-to solution for them. Send us an email about how you’d like to get set up with WordPress for your business and we’ll make it happen with a custom theme tailored just for your business.

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