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With the holiday season in full swing, many of our customers and even ourselves can feel over stimulated with all of the sales, emails, commercials and radio ads vying for our business. As a follow up to our Five Essential Marketing Tools, we bring you Five Razzle-Dazzle Marketing strategies, the second and final blog in our series. SDA Creative’s nontraditional marketing ideas can help your business stand out from the crowd and reach those valuable, but overwhelmed customers.

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Five Razzle-Dazzle Marketing Ideas

  1. Vehicle Wraps – just one vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000 -70,000 impressions daily. SDA’s custom wraps will dazzle fellow drivers and potential customers
    Source – Cranky CreativeSDA Creative - Vehicle Wrap
  2. Printed Banners – are relatively inexpensive to produce and represent another marketing medium business owners often forget about. Business owners should use both print and digital marketing techniques to increase their customer reach. SDA can handle the entire process, from designing the banners through to printing and delivery. SDA makes it easy for you.SDA Creative - Printed Banners
  3. Update those out-of-date sales tools – 48{a74273ad0e75f200b46466b1415e6accc2aa46c9e4b9f352692bfad7dc0506c2} of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. Simply updating sales tool designs can spark customers’ interest and potentially increase your online SEO. Sound complicated? SDA can make it simple for you.
    Source – Bartlett InteractiveSDA Creative - Website Updates
  4. Brand Video – with 55{a74273ad0e75f200b46466b1415e6accc2aa46c9e4b9f352692bfad7dc0506c2} of people watching videos online every day, this underutilized tool is steadily gaining consumer Internet traffic and will continue to do so over the next few years. Video is no longer a tool only for the biggest companies. SDA’s video team can produce a video that suits your company and your budget.
    Source – Hub SpotSDA Creative - Brand Video
  5. Animated Web Banners – take advantage of sponsored ad space within LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest social media websites. Displaying information just once is never enough when our customers’ attention spans are shorter than ever. Social media all a little foreign to you? Once again SDA is keeping up so we can assist you will all aspects of your marketing and social media programs.SDA Creative - Animated Web Banners

You can wow your customers and potential clients with any and all of these ideas! Set up your business for the New Year and freshen up your branding materials starting today. Update tired and maybe even out-of-date marketing strategies or implement completely new ones. See where the New Year and your new marketing tactics can take your business.

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