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It is officially the fourth quarter and a time to finish the year strong along with ramping up for next year (2016 – wow!). That’s the idea, right? We’ve talked about this many times in the past because this is a fundamental practice of good business, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way because running a successful business commands all of your attention. Well, like always, SDA is here to help. Here’s your short list of marketing to-dos to get you on track and ready for next year.

5 Essential Marketing Tools

  • Direct Mail Postcards – Postcard marketing is affordable and competitors often don’t know your business is utilizing this versatile marketing tool. Direct Mail Postcards offer a personal, trusting touch that motivates local patrons to support your business. Adding a special offer with a unique tracking code can entice customers to visit your brick and mortar store or check out your website to enter in their code which allows you to directly track the effectiveness of your direct mail piece. Postcards aren’t just for mailing either, states, “a postcard can be used as an oversized business card, hang tags for products, mini-information sheets or a leave-behind after a meeting.”

SDA Creative - Direct Mail Postcard

  • Email Marketing – Email is a great way to get new visitors engaged with your business. Customers want to know if there is a special event or sale going on at your location. Even your Grandma is reading her email on her mobile device these days. Which means that emails are being read at a much higher rate. Develop a clean, uncomplicated email design and generate copy that is relevant to your customers. Once an email list is established, the possibilities are endless on ways to connect with your audience.

SDA Creative - Email Marketin

  • Use Video – According to, videos increase viewer’s understanding of your product/service by 74{a74273ad0e75f200b46466b1415e6accc2aa46c9e4b9f352692bfad7dc0506c2} resulting in 46{a74273ad0e75f200b46466b1415e6accc2aa46c9e4b9f352692bfad7dc0506c2} of those same viewers, either looking for more information, visiting the website or business in-person, or buying whatever was featured in the ad. Video production doesn’t mean expensive anymore, a short video is doable for almost any marketing budget. Customers don’t have time to read excessive amounts of content, but most will watch or listen to a quick video or tutorial. Once the video is created, don’t forget to market it to your email subscriber list.

SDA Creative - Videos

  • Website Websites are your 24-hour, open-for-business store that anyone from anywhere, at any time can visit. Websites are amazing and often times an underutilized tool. They are available for every marketing budget because, just like a business, they can start small and grow. Start with a landing page, a few great photos, and enough information to intrigue and inform potential customers—and, of course, contact information for those wanting to support you with their patronage.

SDA Creative - Websites

  • Recycle Old Content – If your budget is tight or you’re feeling overwhelmed with end-of-year projects, then repurposing some of your current material is a rather easy and doable marketing option. Revamping old campaigns with today’s trending designs and then sharing them across new avenues will surely increase exposure. SDA can direct your marketing efforts towards fresh, effective new ideas using your current materials.  Try these marketing outlets: video tutorials, emails, social media posts, blogs, your website landing page, postcards, and one-page flyers.

SDA Creative - Old Copy New Design


These five simple, yet fundamental marketing tools can be added to any marketing budget to  give that little extra end-of-year push every business needs. If you simply can’t add another item to your to-do list then partner with SDA Creative to get these ideas off the ground and into your marketing calendar. We have over 20 years of marketing experience and have worked with both small and large businesses across the United States. Drop us a line now—we can’t wait to get started working with you.

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