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1. Your logo speaks to what type of business person you are.

Most people can tell in a heartbeat if your neighbor’s sister designed your logo during math class last week. Attention to detail not only applies to your attitude towards your clients needs, but also to how you package and promote your own image and business.


2. Your logo goes on everything you do.

Your logo is always displayed on your website, products, signage, business cards, invoices, and on and on. Believe me, when your logo is weak, it can be pretty painful having to look at it a hundred times a week. Ask yourself, “Would I wear a t-shirt with this logo on it?” If the answer is no, you need to gear up and have a logo created that you’re proud of. I’m not saying that it needs to be tattoo-worthy, but maybe cool enough where you’d at least consider it.

3. A good logo is forever.

Start out with the last logo you’ll ever need. The attitude of “I can live with it for now” is an obvious indication to others that you’re satisfied with sub-par materials, and will have them wondering if that attitude applies to the services they receive from you as well. And you don’t need to sell your car to afford a good logo. Any creative shop worth their salt will work within your budget, and not design something you’ll need to change a short distance down the road.


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